Our Mission

MyGolfDeals mission is to offer golfers access to great golf course deals, while also helping golf courses reach new golfers to help their business grow.

Our Values

The Customer

We are always looking for new ways to improve the customer experience on our site.  We also want to make sure the customer is happy and want to make sure we provide value to the end user.  Our goal is to have 100% satifisfaction when using our site.  Word of mouth is how we've built this company and plan to keep it that way.


The Golf Course


Without the golf courses, we could never have been one of the top golf resellers in the US.  Our promise to the golf courses to ensure we provide a solid way to grow their customer base is priority number 1.  Our goal is to help golf courses grow their revenue while not harming their brand loyalty.


Our Company


MyGolfDeals is a Michigan based company (Clarkston, MI) which acts as a third party to introduce golfers to new golf courses.  By leveraging the companies large golfer email database, and website traffic, we are able to make an impact for our partner courses.  To learn more about our Golf Course Marketing Solutions, visit